Cincinnati Dockers Triumph in Columbus

The Cincinnati Dockers Australian Rules Football Club was able to endure both Mother Nature and the Columbus Jackaroos youth and speed en route to a victory in Ohio’s capital city, as the Dockers defeated the Jackaroos 45-19 last Saturday afternoon at Tuttle Park in Columbus, OH.

Due to travel issues from both visiting teams, the initially scheduled 3-team tournament was changed to one standard 4 20-minute quarter match, with the Milwaukee players that made the trip joining the Dockers to challenge the hosting Columbus Jackaroos. Making things more interesting was Mother Natures presence in the form of heavy rain. However, not even this perfect storm of events could stop the Dockers.

As the match started, it became clear that the rain would have a severe impact on ball handling, as neither team were able to catch the ball very well, instead relying on picking up dropped balls. The Dockers only managed to get 3 scoring opportunities in the first quarter, while holding the Jackaroos to only 2, and ending the first period with a 1 point lead. At quarter-time, Cincinnati led 1 goal and 2 behinds for 8 points, to Columbus’ 1 goal and 1 behind for 7 points.

The rain poured down even heavier in the second quarter, and it was the Dockers who were more able to adapt. Cincinnati were there to pick up loose balls from contests which resulted in a more scoring opportunities, while also denying the Jackaroos a single goal during the period. Halftime score was Cincinnati with 5 goals and 3 behinds for 33 points to Columbus’ 1 goal and 3 behinds for 9 points.

In the third quarter, the rain finally gave way to the sun, and with it the hopes of the Jackaroos. They intensified their offense and forced the Cincinnati players up the field, which left very little manpower in their offense. This helped hold the Dockers scoreless during the third quarter, however, the combination of the Dockers’ defense toughness and Columbus’ inaccuracy only produced 3 behinds for the Jackaroos the whole period. The three-quarter time score had Cincinnati leading 5 goals and 3 behinds for 33 points to Columbus’ 1 goal and 6 behinds for 12 points.

With ball handling now back into play with the end of the rain, both teams kicked on the afterburners and gave it everything they had. It would be both teams’ defense that were on display, with each side only earning 2 scoring shots. It would be the Dockers who made the most of those opportunities, scoring a goal on each of them, while the Jackaroos only scored one goal and one behind, leaving the Dockers with a hard fought victory and plenty to cheer about. The final score had Cincinnati winning with 7 goals and 3 behinds for 45 points to Columbus’ 2 goals and 7 behinds for 19 points.

The battle between the Dockers and the Jackaroos is not over yet though. Both teams are tentatively scheduled to compete in a match at Heritage Oak Park in Mason, OH on August 1st as part of the annual USA vs. Canada weekend spectacular. More details on this match will be released as they come.

The Cincinnati Dockers are an Australian Rules Football club based out of Fairfield, Ohio. Established in 1996, they are the oldest club of its kind in the United States. Last year, the Dockers were co-winners of the USAFL division 4 national championship. For more information about the Dockers please visit their website at To contact the Dockers, please send an e-mail to

Scoring note: In Australian Rules Football, a goal is worth 6 points, and a behind is worth 1 point.

Note: The Cincinnati Dockers combine with the Louisville Kings for all 2009 MAAFL games.