Dockers Earn Another Split in St. Louis Metros

The Cincinnati Dockers played in their second metro tournament of the season, and added another win and another loss to their record. The Dockers fell to their regional and historic rivals, the Louisville Kings, 77-44, followed by defeating the Indianapolis Giants 37-23.

In their first game the Dockers were victims of an offensive onslaught from their rivals down south, with the Kings almost doubling the number of Dockers scoring shots. The final score had the Kings with 12 goals and 5 behinds for 77 points, to the Dockers 7 goals and 2 behinds for 44 points.

The second match pit the Dockers against the Indianapolis Giants, who also sported some players from the St. Louis Blues. This match was a close, low-scoring affair. In the end, the Dockers kicks on goal were much more accurate, and they were rewarded as such with the victory. The final score had the Dockers with 6 goals and 1 behind for 37 points, to the Giants 3 goals and 5 behinds for 23 points.

The Dockers next matches will be at home on May 31st, as they host another metro tournament. Details of the tournament will be announced in the coming weeks.